International Safety Standards

Bali Bintang white water rafting invites you to ride the raft on the river along the 14 km. Enjoy the greatest point of Telaga waja river for your fun to be memorable day in Bali. Our friendly staff and our guide have been fully trained by both Australian and international standards incorporating all aspects of swift water rescue. We offer the highest quality for safety and has chosen the best location to conduct water adventure need more than 2 hours on river. After all that adventure and excitement you will be stop for hot Buffet lunch in a real nice place to hang out and  taste our Bali coffee is included. bintang rafting-1-166x300 Don’t pay more for the same… when Bali Bintang white water rafting give big discount in the best location of Telaga waja river and enjoy nice view along the river. US$ 50.000 insurance coverage.

international safety standard

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Why cheap

We recommend to you to make the booking here because your reservation will  direct to sales center of the company.  It’s mean you pay direct to the company so not need to much additional charge for third party, that’s why you are lucky to find this website. For those of you who already in Bali, just make reservation by email than we call you at the hotel.

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is rafting safe for child?

Many questions about children safety when followed rafting, Bali View white water Rafting is safe for children should be above 3 years old.

Children with parents Rafting

Children sitting in the middle holding a rope of raft, one professional guide who sits in the back calling out commands and steering the boat also he watching  you and your family. River trips with young children will offer more excitement and also this trip  not scare them either. Younger children have fun when getting water splashed.

How the Booking Process

  • Click Book Now to send request,
  • Discussion, we answer all your questions.
  • Confirmation, we send the booking confirmation to you by email when all clear.
  • Invoice, If everything is correct, we send to you the invoice by email for deposit just us$ 5 per person.
  • Payments, Accept credit and debit card payments securely through PayPal. click pay now on email (invoice) we sent and follow the instructions.

More info about payment security…

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